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Using light-emitting diodes as sand, simulate the movement of the hourglass. Electronic hourglass will be like a real hourglass, the upper part of the sand (light emitting diode) down one by one, the lower part of sand piled up one by one. After the drain is completed, click the switch will be restarted, then repeat the movement.
The jog switch can adjusts the hourglass speed, max. 28 LEDs lit at the same time
Can be used as decorative night light, power consumption less than 0.5W, is very environmental protection and energy saving.
PCB: 1.6mm double side
LED: 3mm blue LED
Board size: 84*40mm
Power supply: 5V
Note: This is a DIY kit, you need to assemble it.
Package includes:
5 x DIY Electronic Hourglass Kit

Test photo, for reference only

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