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If you don't know what to wear tomorrow. The alarm clock will tell you environmental temperature!
Wake up at night and don't know what time is. The alarm clock will gently tell you that it doesn't irritate your eyes!
LED Alarm Clock Exquisite mirror display design, to bring you a modern flavor.
A great gift, A very good choice as a Festival gift for kids and family.
Compeletely silent, No noise, Zero radiation. Enjoy a comfortable and prolonged wake-up with the repeating snooze option, and experience zero stress when setting the time or alarm.
The alarm volume will not change, but the beeps frequencey will become faster and faster which will last 1 Minute. If you put up with this minute, It will turn off the alarm clock automatically.
The 2 level display brightness soft glow isn't harsh or disruptive at all in a dark room . It is easily readable in both day and night time settings, which is good for light sleepers that are sensitive to lights/noise while sleeping.
The alarm clock have two modes: battery operated and USB plug driving, which save energy and protect environment. When the battery is powered, you need click it to display the time. The USB plug-in drive mode displays the time at all times. They can be used at the same time, but USB plug is not charging to battery. The battery keeps recording time when the USB plug is power-off.
Power Source: 3 X AAA Batteries (Not Included in the Package) or USB (Cable Included).
Package Included:
1 x Alarm Clock
1 x USB charging cable
1 x User Manual

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