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CPU using STM8 MCU control, each circle color conversion are using an improved pulse width modulation control, since the STM8 microcontroller PWM comes with a good performance, so that each circle color changes smoothly without jitter.
The mainboard has adds the microphone acquisition voice control function, on-board power amplifier and high-precision adjustable resistance, can adjust the sensitivity, aurora has a voice-activated spectrum display function, can also be modified into the input sound source, The color jumps with the size of the sound, and this mode can be switched by the infrared remote controller.
Uses USB power supply and audio cable to power and input audio signal, it is very simple.
PCB size: 184mm
LEDs: 324 pcs (5mm mist full color)
Aurora display:
1. Music spectrum effects (with the music beat, there is no precise spectral effect)
2. Aurora gradient effect
3. Water lights effect
This is a DIY electronic kit, you need to have some electronic knowledge and ability.
Package included:
1 x DIY Electronic Aurora Kit

How it display, for reference only

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