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Features :
The strongest product kernel, intelligent modular operation
Powerful + convenient + efficiency + speed
Easy to use, advanced and efficient.

Specification :
Shell Material: Metal
Box size: Approx.38.5 * 27.5 * 10.2cm
Search system: microcomputer CPU control and reflection conductivity.

Search range: 800 M
Detecting depth: 14M
Energy: 12V 1000-1600mAh
Launch frequency: 5.6-6KHz
Signal frequency: 360-440Hz
Detection type: gold, silver, copper, precious stones

Charging method:
The instrument has been installed rechargeable batteries, direct access to the charger,can charge, charging time for 12 – 10 hours.

Operation method:
The main vertical hanging at the waist, and try to keep the legs parallel, if you are use the right hand operating search instrument, hang on the right waist, if you are left-handle, hang on the left.

Package includeds :
1 x Aluminum case
1 x Receiver scanning
1 x Transmiter
1 x Battery adapter
2 x Key
1 x User Manual

1.Absolutely can't use 230V voltage power supply, do not charge for more than 24 hours.
2.Metal objects to the instrument measurement will have certain interference, measuring around please remove metal objects.So when measuring the please send your mobile phone, necklace, watches, key and other metal objects taken down.
3.At 0 ℃-40℃ temperature and 10%-30% humidity environment use is the best.

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