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Our 40 sensors kit allow you to know what each sensor does and combined multiple sensors to work out a project. For example, make a button push to control led light with the button module and led module, and you can make more complicated one by adding a relay module to control a home lighting.
LCD2004 with IIC module solder on can help you to display the sensor value on screen instead of viewing on the Arduino IDE monitor.
No soldering work needed!
This sensor module kit allow user to test their thought quickly, easy wiring when they have new idea. 
Fully compatible with Arduino.
Beginners can learn the basics of Arduino programming as well as the expert in programming from this kit. You will get what Arduino is all about and how it is used. 
About the MEGA:
This MEGA is manufactured using the Creative Commons files provided on the Arduino website, therefore it is not manufactured by Arduino but isfully compatible with Arduino software(IDE) in every way and COST MUCHLESS!
We tested before shipment.
Come with SHIELDED USB cable for stable data transit.
Package includes:
1 x MEGA 2560 R3 Mainboard (Fully Arduino-compatible)
1 x USB Cable 
1 x Sensor Shield for MEGA 2560 R3 
1 x 40pin Dupont Female to Female cable
1 x 20pin Dupont Female to Male cable
1 x 2004 LCD Display with IIC I2C Serial Module
1 x 400 Tie points solderless breadboard
1 x Remote Controller
1 x 10K Trimpot
1 x 330R resistor
1 x TEMP 18B20
1 x Shock
1 x Analog Hall
1 x Button
1 x IR Emission
1 x Passive Buzzer
1 x Laser Emit
1 x Light Blocking
1 x 3mm 2-Color LED
1 x Active Buzzer
1 x Analog Tempreture
1 x DHT-11 Temp and Humidity
1 x Tri-Color LED
1 x Tile Switch
1 x Photoresistor
1 x 5V One channel relay
1 x Ball Switch
1 x Mini Reed
1 x IR Receiver
1 x Joystick
1 x Linear Hall
1 x Reed Switch
1 x Flame Sensor
2 x Light Cup
1 x Digitgal Temp
1 x 5mm 2-Color LED
1 x Tap Module
1 x Avoid
1 x 7-Color Flash
1 x Hall Magnetic
1 x Touch
1 x Big Sound
1 x Tracking
1 x Heartbeat
1 x Rotary Encoders
1 x Small Microphone
1 x MQ-2 Gas Sensor
1 x Range Finder
1 x DS3231 RTC Clock Module ( 2032 battery not included)

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